It's All Political

A poem written by Jonas Brinkley

Ms. America…
You have no shame
You are a proud whore.
Some deem you beautiful
Only a coward would think such
You have caused a lot of pain!

Ms. America….
You preyed on the weak 
You are guilty of,
Manslaughter, sexual immorality,

Idolatry, drunkenness, stealing,
Lying, greed, violence, improper speech,
Misuse of blood, diseases,
Political controversies, wars,
You are a hypocrite!


AUTHOR J. Brinkley

Now the author of 10 novels, Brinkley’s stories center on memorable characters and timeless truths about humanity in all its glory -- and in all its ugly ruthlessness. Brinkley’s work conveys his unconventional philosophies about life and love through spellbinding stories that leave the readers of his growing fan base wanting more. Through his fiction, he expresses his truest thoughts and feelings about political and social issues, including the basic notion that while life is beautiful, people’s clashing ideologies bring forth chaos. Brinkley is the recipient of a 2019 African Americans on the Move Book Club (AAMBC) literary award in the Urban Book of the Year category for his novel "Revenge: Urban Love Story.” He founded Voma Publishing, a book company that produces African American romance and suspense novels, to share his voice and knowledge with the people. He currently lives in Tifton, Georgia. Learn more about Voma Publications at Follow Jonas Brinkley on his Facebook author page (@sanojabx31) and on his YouTube channel (Voma Publications)
March 31, 2020 by Jonas Brinkley

Marriage based on religion…Really?

Urban fiction writer, Best urban fiction writer, Best author for crime fiction, best contemporary romance writerMarriage based on religion…Really?
In this beautiful world, most people belong to a different religion or belief system that is founded on love. 
So it means that the basis of every religion is just love and if we talk about love, there are no boundaries in it. One love and One God.
Love is very pure and some rules are made to keep love pure and strong. The first principle of love is self love....