Khiaere & Phy: A Charleston Love Story



Author: Dau, Mel

Binding: Kindle Edition

Format: Kindle eBook

Number Of Pages: 182

Release Date: 11-04-2018

Khiaere Washington is a Country Savage Dude who just wants four things: Success, A Queen, Babies and Love. He has the success portion mastered through hard work, education, street smarts and straight hustle. After hitting a massive roadblock with his girlfriend, Gina, he is forced to get off the highway to travel a different route. Will that route lead him to a love that's as sweet as Pie?

Phy (Pronounced Pie) Washington who is of no relation to Khiaere has made the decision to move back home to be close to her mom. This is a move she didn't want to make, but it was necessary. A late-night run in with an old college friend may be just the motivation she needs to make the decision to actually enjoy her new life in Mount Pleasant, SC. Will this reconnection be the answer to her lonely heart, or the cause of a murder charge?

Trell Smith is a man about his business. If it doesn't make dollars then it won’t make sense. Period. With no room for females because they can’t be trusted, there is an ice box where his heart used to be. Will someone be able to melt that ice and get the most vital organ pumping to the tunes of love? What does he do when love catches him off guard? Will he fight love like a G or surrender like a man?

Tae Laing is the hottest interior designer on this side of the Mason Dixon Line. She steps out on faith and decides to move to Charleston, SC to start her on design firm and be close to her best friend. She’s not looking for love or commitment. With a traumatic past, love is all she ever wanted, but is she worthy? What do you do when love comes rudely knocking at your door and you didn’t send for it?

Will an unacquainted love bring happiness in the lives of people who are unsure of what love is? Will the block that hinder win the battle, or will love flow victoriously? Will outside elements threaten what they may build, or will all threats be eliminated? Find out in this Charleston Love Story.

Languages: English