Something About His Love: An Urban Love Story



Author: C., Lex.

Binding: Kindle Edition

Format: Kindle eBook

Number Of Pages: 164

Release Date: 25-12-2018

Details: Giana Belle Stephens has heard that trouble doesn't last always, but between the drama of her son’s father thinking she’ll always be partly his and her boss who seems to be obsessed with making her job hell, trouble does seem to last always.

Colton “Colt” Harris is the epitome of a real man. Not only does he pride himself on being a real man, but he’s got a heart that won’t allow anything less from the men who cross his path. While Colt may be a little rough around the edges, he loves hard, and with just cause. Colt’s world is full of women who need him, and when Giana finds herself on the cusp of a life changing decision, it just so happens to land her at the center of it.

With Colt’s love in high demand and Giana’s love being something she’s not sure she wants to give, these two find themselves in a drama-filled whirlwind that not even a love like Colt’s may be able to weather until the end.

Languages: English