Stranger In My Eyes


SKU: 1536893528

Author: Nako

Binding: Paperback

Number Of Pages: 339

Release Date: 04-08-2016

Details: In Book 5 of The Underworld, NAKO takes you deep into the life of Lauren “Lo” Howard, known as the Mother Theresa of the criminal organization.Lauren is often misunderstood but is unconcerned because the only opinion that matters to her is God. Growing up as the daughter of the prestigious and world-renowned Pastor Dwayne Howard, it’s safe to say Lauren was born with a silver spoon and a Bible in her hand too.As soon as she crossed the stage at her high-school graduation, Lauren decided she no longer wanted to live a life based around the church and so she runs away from home, not looking back until tragedy strikes and she has no choice but to return. Nasir King, leader of The Underworld and the only man Lauren has ever loved is an angel in disguise, or so she assumed. Lauren depends on him for more than her monthly paycheck from The Underworld. He’s her best friend, soul mate, confidante and the love of her life.But does Nasir feel the same way? Is the love reciprocated? Or is Lauren a fool? As she ignores the signs and truth from her best friend and even the people closest to Nasir. Lauren goes through trials and tribulations, year after year, refusing to let him go. But, when another woman appears, a woman claiming to belong to Nasir. Lauren is done; for good. But is Nasir done with her? Stranger In My Eyes is an emotional, suspenseful, romance novel that not only answers questions about The Underworld and all of the drama unfolding but it creates new ones as well. Will Lauren get her happily ever after? Or will she wake up one day and realize that she doesn’t know the man she claims to love? Is he the man of her dreams or a stranger in her eyes?The Underworld is a 12-book street-crime collection beginning with Please Catch My Soul, Pointe of No Return, From His Rib and The Christ Family. Available on Kindle Unlimited.

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